Executive Board

While the PI will have oversight for the design and conduct of the trial, the Executive Board will review all aspects of the study, accrual progress, conflicts, and resolutions, and will provide guidance to the PI. Executive Board members include:

MendenhallNancy Mendenhall, MD

University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute

Principal Investigator


ChenRonald Chen, MD, MPH

University of Kansas Cancer Center

Co-Principal Investigator

DeWeesTodd DeWees, PhD





OdedinaFolakemi Odedina, PhD

Mayo Clinic

Co-Chair of Minority Engagement Group

VmVirginia Maurer, MA, JD

University of Florida

Ethics Advisor and Caregiver




MillsJon Mills, JD

University of Florida

Ethics Advisor and Prostate Cancer Survivor

SimonsVirgil Simons, MPA

Prostate Cancer Survivor and Founder/President of The Prostate Net

MarckiniBob Marckini

Prostate Cancer Survivor and Founder of Brotherhood of the Balloon