Patient and Caregiver Stakeholders


The Patient and Caregiver Stakeholders are a diverse group of prostate cancer survivors and caregivers who have worked with the PI, co-PI, and co-investigators to develop this study and help to monitor our progress through quarterly web conferences. Members include:

  • Scott Cielewich
  • Rui Dos Santos (Minority Engagement Group Member)
  • Deb Hickey (Caregiver)
  • Charlie Hill (Minority Engagement Group Member; President and Co-founder of the Hampton Roads Prostate Health Forum and Vice Chair of the 100BMOA International Health and Wellness Committee and a partner with PHEN)
  • Robert Marckini (Executive Board Member, Founder/President of Brotherhood of the Balloon, Patient Stakeholder, and Minority Engagement Group Member)
  • Virginia Maurer, JD (Executive Board Member; Ethics Advisor)
  • J. Daniel McCarthy
  • Arnold J. Merriweather (Minority Engagement Group Member)
  • Callie Merriweather (Caregiver)
  • Jon Mills, JD, PhD (Executive Board Member)
  • Calvin Minor
  • Ron NelsonĀ (Author of The After Proton Blog)
  • Cindy O’Connell (Caregiver)
  • Virgil Simons, MPA (Executive Board Member; Minority Engagement Group Member; Founder/President of The Prostate Net)
  • Alan R. Sipe
  • Darren Veneri
  • Thomas Wallace (Minority Engagement Group Member; President of Power of Proton, Inc.)
  • MerryMac Watson (Caregiver)
  • Robert Watson
  • John W. Wilmer, Jr., JD