Research and Outcomes for Black Men Are Discussed in Prostate Cancer Webinar

COMPPARE Partner Sites

Mr. Charles Griggs and Drs. Nancy Mendenhall and Curtiland Deville participated in “Our Health, Our Voice: Improving Prostate Cancer Outcomes through Participation in Research” on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

The live information session, presented by 100 Black Men of America, Inc., a COMPPARE partner organization, focused on the importance of evidence-based information and research in relation to prostate cancer outcomes.

The workshop was moderated by COMPPARE Patient Stakeholder Group member Charlie Hill. Dr. Mendenhall, PI of the COMPPARE study, provided an overlay of COMPPARE partner sites to 100 Chapter locations throughout the country and discussed how engagement support could be key to the success of the study. Dr. Curtiland Deville serves as the Johns Hopkins COMPPARE site PI.

100 Black Men of America’s health and wellness goals are to raise awareness, provide access to health care, and offer information that will ultimately promote behavioral changes resulting in healthier lifestyles.

At the national and local level, 100 Black Men of America and Chapter affiliates partner with corporations, foundations, and other nonprofit organizations to promote preventative health strategies and provide education on prevalent diseases that negatively impact African Americans. The 100’s Health and Wellness Committee works with other synergistic organizations to develop strategic partnerships that mitigate chronic conditions and diseases plaguing the African American community.

More than 1,100 individuals have viewed the event over Facebook, YouTube, and To access the recorded session, visit the 100 Black Men of America YouTube channel. For more information about 100 Black Men of America, visit