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BOB Tales: Urine Test Might Dictate Prostate Cancer Treatment


~Originally printed in Bob Tales: Brotherhood of the Balloon Member Newsletter (Dec 19/ Jan 20)

Researchers in the UK report they’ve come up with a urine test than can predict the aggressiveness of prostate cancer. The test is called PUR, or prostate urine risk test. The test identifies men who are up to eight times less likely to need treatment within five years of diagnosis.

Most doctors agree that many prostate cancers are slow growing and don’t need aggressive treatment. So, when men choose active surveillance, they typically need regular tests including blood tests, digital rectal exams, MRIs and biopsies.

The PUR test can identify 35 out of 167 expressed genes that can accurately predict how dangerous a prostate cancer might be.

Dr. Manish Vira, vice chairman for urologic research at Northwell Health’s Institute for Urology in Lake Success, NY reviewed the study and said, “The PUR test has the potential to identify potentially aggressive prostate cancer earlier than traditional assessments in patients with low-risk disease.” He further stated, “While certainly the results are exciting, the test needs to be validated in a larger group of patients.”

The study was published in BJU International, and recently reported in WebMD News.