New Patient Surveys to Assist in Designing the Next Phase of COMPPARE

COMPPARE Coordinating Team Issues Patient Surveys, Information Will Assist in Designing the Next Phase of the StudyIn early June, COMPPARE Coordinators administered over 500 surveys to participants.

The purpose of the surveys is to guide the design of the next grant proposal to secure funding to follow COMPPARE patients another five years.  More participants will receive surveys in the coming weeks.

New information has emerged that suggests there may be more differences in outcomes between men treated with photons and men treated with protons, and that some differences may be related to underlying genetic variations.   The surveys gauge patient willingness to provide blood and saliva samples, which would enable the team to determine whether one type of radiation is better than the other for patients based on these genetic differences.

The surveys are also designed to ascertain whether patients would be willing to provide additional information that could be used to analyze the cost-effectiveness of the two treatment modalities.

If you are a patient who receives one of these surveys, your answers will help the team design the next phase of the COMPPARE study – thank you! Please reach out to the COMPPARE Coordinating Center with any questions you may have.